Saturday, April 19, 2014

Good Old Fashioned Boiled Mince

There has to be a better sounding name. Perhaps we will call it Savoury Mince. It might not sound very Master Chef but it's a good nourishing winter staple. Beautiful on toast the next day or with some flaky pastry and sprinkle of cheese - ta da Kiwi favourite mince and cheese pie. But best of all yours will be be the best "Ladies a plate please" if you make little flaky pastry savouries with their lids just popping up like gentlemen tipping their top hats. So for Boiled, oops I mean Savoury Mince and sorry measurements are not too accurate, it's one of those things you just wing it. 
In a pot cover 500gms mince with water. Add 1 or 2 onions finely chopped, white or red(depending on size and your family preference). Add diced or grated carrot. Season with S&P. Bring to the boil, (sorry it will look and smell a little 'grey' at this stage) I like to stir and break up mince so no lumps. Lower heat to simmer for 20ish mins. Sometime during that time I add a good splash or 2 of tomato sauce, a slug of worcesteshire and a teaspoon-ish of one of the Mites (Mar or Vege). Continue to simmer, At this stage I add maybe 1/2cup frozen peas, make sure it comes back to simmer. Now the secret ingredient - a packet of Maggi Oxtail Soup. (you know the dry stuff like onion soup for dip) Just stir that through for colour and flavour, this will also thicken a little. Then take off the heat and sprinkle in maybe 2 tblsp of flour to thicken. You can adjust this if it still seems a little runny. Careful with the flour, too much and it will be 'claggy' and not very appetising. Return to the heat for 4-5minutes to cook the flour and voila delicious Savoury Mince.

You can add any veges really. Froz Mixed, grated courgette, corn, whatever you think your family will. Add frozen veges towards end of cooking. Anything you want to hide, cut up small and add at beginning it will go stealth in the boiling process.

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