Saturday, April 19, 2014

Copy Cat Tank Wrap

I have this for lunch twice a week. It's my Copycat 'Tank' Lemon and Herb Wrap . I love their food and juices and managed to come up with a pretty tasty version. If I do say so myself. 
Lemon and Herb Wrap
Wholemeal Tortilla Wrap
Lettuce- mixed leaves are nicer, but I only had iceberg this time 
100g Cold Chicken breast (I cheat with packet chicken- pretty good)
Small cold potato cubed (save one from dinner night before)
1T Pine Nuts
1T Grated Parmeson (I use packet stuff and keep in freezer)
1tsp Mrs Dash Lemon Pepper (trust me on this one- from New World)
Squeeze of lemon
1 T Basil Pesto (make it runny with EVOO if its a thick one)
1tsp Poppy Seeds (optional)
Mix it all up, put wrap on gladwrap then dump it all on the wrap, roll it up and wrap with gladwrap.

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