Monday, July 22, 2013

Sante Biscuits

We decided to make sante biscuits for our afternoon tea during the school holidays.  It had been a foggy day and the sun finally had some warmth to it.  How nice it would be to have a milo and a cookie in the sun on a winter's day.  

This recipe is tricky to follow, the measurements are in ounces which is a bit old fashioned even for me. Look how grubby the recipe is, must be good. 
Here is the Edmonds Book version: Sante Biscuits Recipe
We use choc drops.

Here's Fin shaping balls ready for the baking tray (look at that concentration).  The tray has baking paper on it- no greasing trays with butter, no mess.  And you can use the baking paper more than once.

Fin had an assortment of sizes but that's ok, its a crumbly mixture which is tricky to work with.

Once the biscuits were cool enough we headed outside to relax with our afternoon tea.  Before I had a chance to sit down Mackenzie (2 months old) decided to have a bit of a squawk and Fin knocked my milo over.  Oh well nevermind.  
When I finally got to the cookie, Mmm mmm you did a great job- delicious. 

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