Friday, October 31, 2014

Cooking Bucket List

Savoury Pinwheel Scones (they won't be as good as Nana's but I can try)
A teacher aide at school brought in a batch for us while I was acting principal for a day.  I worked in the staffroom a metre away from the basket of warm scones tempting me with their delicious aroma.  They had chow chow, cream cheese, onion etc on them.

Never made one, baked or otherwise.

Fondant iced cake (Mack or Fin will get a special birthday cake one day)

Cooked salmon (tasted some kind of salmon bake in white sauce on a conference,  I was a wee bit dubious but starving and there was no other option so I served myself a hefty portion, sat on the ground outside in the sun- as you do on a conference and was very pleasantly surprised- hunger is the best seasoning.

Preserve something

Wontons from scratch

Cauliflower pizza

Homemade Stock Winter 2014
Piece of cake ={D

French Onion Soup with cheesy bread
I remember making this in 3rd form, haven't had it since.

Chicken Noodle Soup Winter 2014
Nailed this! Made it twice this winter with homemade chicken stock from a rotisserie chicken.  Very happy with the results
Should have written down the recipe because I mashed together what I found on Google and went by feel, I mean taste.  They both had a buttery quality which made them decadent without any butter in sight.  

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